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Name:Numb3rs Slash
Website:Tag Index
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place for Slash Fan Fiction for the TV show Numb3rs
Welcome to Numb3rs Slash, the community for the posting of slash fanwork pertaining to the new CBS show Numb3rs. Fiction, icons, and art are all welcome.


1. Use a subject line that follows the format: Fic (or Vids, Icons, etc): Title, Pairing, Rating by Author.

This will help me a lot when it comes to tagging your post, so please include all the information.

2. Use a header for all fanworks (including graphics and vids) that includes at least the following information, if applicable:

3. All fiction, graphics (with the exception of two or three teaser icons or thumbnail), and adult content must be placed behind a cut.

4. No flaming will be allowed. If you don’t like something, skip it.

5. Do not link to Friends-Locked posts. This community is open and we feel that all fic/graphics posted here should not require everyone in the community to friend you to access. If you f-lock your journal, you may post your fic/graphics directly to the community.

6. You must be 18 or over the age of majority in your country to join. Posting access is granted to all members of the community. This comm will host fic and graphics dealing with relationships between two men (m/m), or between two women (f/f), or any slash-y threesome or moresome (f/f/m, m/m/f, etc). There will also be fic and graphics that contain incest.

7. This community is cloned between numb3rs_slash and [community profile] numb3rs_slash.

Affiliates:broth3rs, don_robin, n3_kinkmeme, n3fanficart100, n3rs_commentfic, numb3rs_awards, numb3rs_bigbang, numb3rs_icons, numb3rs_notice, numb3rs_revival, numb3rs_stills, numb3rsfanrecs, numb3rsficathon, numb3rsficfind, numb3rsflashfic, numb3rswriteoff, white_tuberoses and wolf_tickets.

For additional Numb3rs communities: A Guide to Numb3rs on LiveJournal

This community is moderated by titti, itsaslashything and ladygray99.

If you have a question, please contact ladygray99 at ladygray99 @

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